Small yet incredibly powerful if designed and used correctly, the business card is a marketing tool which deserves far more attention than we give it.

They are an affordable and portable advertisement of you and your business. They have to work very hard and so must rely on far more than just “a pretty face” . Creating your business card should be a complete marketing exercise which takes into account:

  • Your logo design
  • The design or layout of your business cards
  • What details to include
  • Best ways to use your business cards

Despite the move away from printed media in favour of electronic alternatives, the physical business card is as necessary as ever. It achieves something no electronic format can match: personal communication between one individual and another.

Whether you are ordering your business cards from a printer or online or printing your own, use this Business Card Site to help you consider all the important aspects which can help make your business card a really great and effective marketing tool.
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